Dear Friend,

2020 marks Charity Bike ‘n’ Blade’s 15th year!

Mark your calendar for 4th to 6th September 2020.

This year, the organising committee has selected 2 beneficiaries, namely St Luke’s ElderCare and The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home.

St Luke’s ElderCare delivers a full range of integrated services and programmes for our elders including maintenance day care, day rehabilitation, dementia care, nursing care, home care and residential care. St Luke’s ElderCare offers these services through 23 senior care centres islandwide and a 189-bedder nursing home (opening in May 2020).

With a capacity of 395 beds, The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home provides compassionate, individualized, holistic care to all without discrimination. Peacehaven offers a comprehensive gamut of services to care for the sick, frail and elderly who have physical or mental disabilities with minimal or no appropriate caregiver support at home.

Registration for Charity Bike ‘n’ Blade 2020 will begin in March 2020.

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Thank you and God bless all!

Kind regards,
Charity Bike ‘n’ Blade 2020 Organising Committee

P.S. The unique value of Charity Bike ‘n’ Blade is that it relied completely on volunteers who selflessly gave their time and effort to plan the event, reach out to sponsors and supporters, provide training and advice, organise all the logistics, plan the route and many other small details to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants.

The participants were also driven by a common goal – to raise funds for the underprivileged by challenging their own physical and mental limits. Young and old, they have been an inspiration, and testimony that we do indeed live in a society that cares and shares.

Fundraising Target



We’re riding and raising funds for:

St Luke’s ElderCare

St Luke's ElderCare

The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home

Salvation Army


Come, join a passionate group of cyclists, volunteers and sponsors… and let’s help to raise funds to uplift those under the care of St Luke’s ElderCare and The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home.